Italian Sodas
All Natural Davinci Syrup $3.50
Raspberry • Strawberry • Kiwi • Mango • Guava
Orange • Vanilla • Peach • Cherry • Watermelon
Served in 16 oz. glass, ice, half and half, topped with whipped cream.

Ice Tea $2.25
Small Milk $1.85
Large Milk $2.50
Chocolate Milk $2.75
Coke products also available $2.25

Good Morning Specialty Drinks
Dixie Sunrise 16oz. $3.75
Orange juice, grapefruit juice and cranberry juice cocktail.

Bishops Mary 16oz. $4.00
Tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, celery seed, tabasco sauce and ice.

Orange Frappe 16oz. $4.25
Orange juice, banana, fresh strawberries, yogurt, and ice.

Cranberry Frappe 16oz. $4.25
Cranberry juice, orange juice, yogurt, banana, and ice.

Pina Colada Cooler 16oz. $4.25
Fresh pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, coconut and yogurt.

Banana Frappe 16oz. $4.25
Banana, orange juice, plain yogurt, wheat germ and ice.

Bear Paw Hot Chocolate 12oz. $3.25 16oz. $4.25
Imported Belgium chocolate cocoa, steamed milk, real whip- ping cream, and sprinkles of chocolate vermicelli. (Best you’ll ever have!)

Hot Vanilla 12oz. $3.25 16oz. $4.25
Steamed milk, wild honey, vanilla topped with nutmeg.

Viennese Mocha 12oz. $4.25 16oz. $5.00
Half and half, raw sugar, Dutch cocoa, espresso, whipped cream and chocolate vermicelli.

Good Morning Juices
8oz. $1.95 12oz. $2.50
Orange Juice, Apple, Tomato Vegetable, Cranberry Cocktail,
Grape Fruit, Grape, Pineapple

Allegro Coffee Blends
Coffee Bean Selection
Costa Rican Sweet and Crisp with notes of milk chocolate and honey. Light Roast
Cafe Blend Lush body, deep and rich. Medium Roast
Organic Italian Hearty, rich and velvety. Medium-Dark Roast
Organic French Roast Sweet, Smoky and Smooth. Dark Roast
Organic Decaf Creamy body with delicate chocolate notes. Medium Roast

Flavored Coffees from Allegro
Ask for flavor of the day
Snicker Delight, Hazelnut, Cinabun

Whole Bean or Ground
Decaf 1/2 $7.95 - $12.95/lb
Regular 1/2 $6.95 - $11.95/lb
Per Cup $2.25

Coffee to Go
12oz. $2.25 16oz. $2.55 20oz. $2.85

Espresso Drinks
Organic Espresso Beans
Organic Espresso beans are used for our Espresso Drinks and are floral and berry-like with a creamy cocoa finish - Medium Roast
Straight Espresso Double Shot expresso, thick nectar extract from beans should have a caramel cream finish look on top.
Americano Double Shot Espresso and hot water 8 oz. cup.
Latte Double Shot Espresso and steamed milk 12 oz. cup.
Cappuccino Double Shot Espresso and equal parts steamed milk and heavy milk froth 12 oz. cup.
Mocha Double Shot Espresso, 1 oz. white or dark chocolate ephemere sauce, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.
Double Shot Espresso and steamed half and half 12 oz cup.
Macchiato-Latte Very visual and attractive, Double Shot Espresso, steamed milk, layered latte in 12 oz. clear glass.
Caramel Cream Mocha made with caramel sauce.
Barista The person who operates the Espresso machine.

Pineapple-Strawberry 16oz. $4.95
Whole strawberries, pineapple chunks and vanilla ice cream.
Wild Berry 16oz. $4.95
Orange juice, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
Tart and Sweet 16oz. $4.95
Orange juice, raspberries, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
Marathon-Energy 16oz. $4.95
Orange juice, pineapple chunks, blueberries, banana, brewers yeast and vanilla ice cream.
Apple-Berry 16oz. $4.95
Apple juice, blueberries, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.
Aussie-Smoothie 16oz. $4.95
Kiwi, strawberries, pineapple chunks, vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream.
Bear Paw Power 16oz. $4.95
Orange juice, kiwi, banana, peanut butter, raw slivered almonds, wheat germ and vanilla ice cream.
Tropical 16oz. $4.95
Apple juice, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, coconut, bananas and vanilla ice cream.

Specialty Drinks
Old Fashion Rootbeer Float 24oz. $5.00
Vanilla ice cream, Rootbeer, topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.
Mocha Rocha Shake 16oz. $5.25
Chilled espresso, milk, caramel sauce, butter rum, vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate vermicelli.
Dreamcicle (Our Favorite!) 16oz. $5.00
Orange juice, vanilla syrup, half and half blended, topped with whipped cream.

Imported Teas
We serve only fresh brewed teas from “The Republic of Tea”. Tea has long been referred to as the last civilized drink in the world.

Herbal Teas Decaf.
Cardamon Cinnamon (warm the heart tea) $2.75
Chamomile Lemon (surrender to sleep tea) $2.75
Desert Sage (clear the mind tea) $2.75
Honey Ginseng (warms the soul tea) $2.75

Oolong Teas
Ti Kuan Yin (strengthen the spirit tea) $5.25
Wuyi Oolong (a cup of poetry) $8.75

Black Teas
All Day Breakfast (Keemon Oolong Tea) $2.75
British Breakfast (the perfect cup) $2.75
Republic Darjeeling (the champagne of teas) $2.75

Blended Black Teas
Blackberry Sage (tea for wisdom) $2.75
Earl Grey (more of a good thing tea) $2.75
Ginger Peach (longevity tea) $2.75
Mango Ceylon (metabolic folic tea) $2.75
RaspberryQuince(celebrate the day tea) $2.75
Vanilla Almond (sweeten the mind tea) $2.75
Orange Ginger Mint (simple pleasure tea) $2.75
Tea of Good Tiding (good luck tea) seasonal $3.00

Green Teas
Sky Between the Branches (Gu Zhung Mao Jian Tea) $3.00
Tea of Inquiry ( green Leaf with toasted rice) $2.75
Moroccan Mint (tea of good health) $2.75
Jasmine Jazz (romance enhancer) $5.75
Big Green Hojicha (chop wood, carry water tea) $3.00

Enjoy your selection Hot or Iced. Teas are brewed fresh when you order. If you enjoy your tea hot may we suggest a few tablespoons of milk in your cup prior to pouring the tea, it cuts the acidic taste and enhances the flavor. Teas are served in porcelain tea pots with brewing baskets.