Baked Potato Alaska Style $7.95
Only extra-large Idaho “Bakers” qualify, then they are scrubbed and rubbed with extra-virgin olive oil and baked. We then shave 1/4” off the length of potato, scoop out the inside which is crumbled and mixed with butter, cheddar cheese, sour cream, spices and chives. The mixture is repacked into the potato skin and re-baked. Now choose how you want them topped and served...
Choice of Three Toppings: • Bacon bits • Chili - Meat Sauce • Sausage bits • Salsa • Sauteed Chopped Veggies (Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Tomato, Olives, Red Onion, Green and Red Bell Pepper, Mushrooms, Red Potato) • Sour Cream • Shredded Sharp Cheddar • Chopped Roma Tomato • Country Gravy • Chopped Black Olives

Bear Paw Veggie-Burger $6.50
The best we found, grilled veggie burger, with thick slices of vine ripe tomatoes, and butter lettuce. Served on a soft whole wheat bun. Choice of french fries, potato salad, or melon slices.

Mother-Cheeseburger $6.95
6oz fresh ground sirloin, seasoned with minced garlic, dark soy sauce, salt and cracked pepper. Broiled to your preference served on a fresh, soft kaiser roll with melted sharp cheddar and swiss cheese, thick slice’s of vine ripe tomato, sweet mayan onion, and butter lettuce.

Chicken-Dippen $7.95
Lightly battered (skinless) chicken strips deep fried to a golden tan. Served with your choice of dipping sauce, ranch, honey mustard or thick barbecue. Also includes french fries.

Our Customer’s overwhelming Choices:

Taco Salad $8.95
Extra large taco shell shaped into a bowl and deep fried. Ffresh spring mix in shell, add 8oz of seasoned ground beef fried, red and green bell peppers, red onion, black olives, diced roma tomatoes and shredded mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. Topped with thick salsa and sour cream.

California Cobb Salad $8.95
Chicken breast (skinless), broiled on high to crisp the outside and seal in tender moist center, sliced thin. Served on a bed of fresh crisp romaine, cherrie tomato, sliced avocado, wedges of hard boiled eggs, crisp bacon bits, covered with chunks of roquefort cheese and dressing on the side - choice of corn bread, croissant or garlic toast.

Bear Paw Salad $8.95
Spring mix, slices of yellow squash, red onions, and cherrie tomatoes. Cover with slices of smoked ham and turkey, slices of cheddar and swiss cheese. Your choice of dressing and corn bread, croissant, or garlic toast.

Split Plates: $2.00

Panini Sandwiches
Italian Style, 20 years with out a change and its still the best - because its the original and a little spicy!
Focaccia (a heavy flat Italian bread) spread it with home made pesto, feta and fresh vegetables, and cheese placed in a broiler at 350 degrees for 3 minutes and “viola”- the oils, herbs and flavors all meld into a gourmet meal that is delicious. The Panini is then topped off with our special aged house oil of, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, cracked black pepper, red pepper flakes, red and green bell pepper, red onions, mushrooms, dried tomatoes, black olives, and minced garlic.

Your Choices
Artichoke Hearts and Sun-Dried Tomatoes $7.95
Avocado and Vine Ripe Tomatoes $7.95
Smoked Turkey and Vine Ripe Tomatoes $7.95
Black Forest Ham and Vine Ripe Tomatoes $7.95
Bear Paw Combo $8.95
(an assortment of avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, ham and smoked turkey)
Choice of house salad or melon slices, french fries or potato salad.

Split Plates: $2.00

Specialty Sandwiches
Choice of french fries, potato salad, green salad, or melon slices.
House speciality $8.95
Breaded veal and roasted eggplant in a marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese served on a soft sourdough roll.

French Dip $7.95
Tender roast beef piled high on an eight inch french roll topped with mozzarella cheese. Served with savory au-jus.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich ( The Original) $7.95
Take 8oz steak meat, throw it on the grill with sliced bell peppers, thin slices of red onions.
Layer it on a soft sourdough roll cheddar and swiss cheese, place in broiler to melt.

Halibut Sandwich $8.95
Two Lightly battered filets of Alaskan halibut deep fried, Romaine lettuce, slices of roma tomatoes stuffed in an 8” french roll with melted swiss cheese, home made tartar sauce on the side.

Judd’s Avocado Sandwich $7.95
Fresh whole wheat bread, spread with mayo, slices of ripe avocado, thin slices of mushrooms, vine ripe tomatoes sliced thick, lots of sun flower seed, cover with mozzarella cheese and broil for 3 min.

Bear Paw 2-Story Club $7.95
House Specialty-Deli cut ham and turkey, thick crisp slices of maple cured bacon topped with slices of cheddar and swiss cheese layered on a bed of butter lettuce, tomato and mayo spread on your choice of toasted sourdough bread or lightly toasted croissant.

My Reuben $7.95
Rye bread with a light spread of course mustard, spiced delicious apples thinly sliced thin lean slices of corned beef, swiss cheese, fresh sauerkraut topped with thin slices of sweet onions - and grilled for 4 minutes.

Chicken Ranch $7.95
Tender breast of chicken (skinless) grilled to perfection, crisp maple cured bacon topped with melted swiss cheese, ranch dressing, a bed of butter lettuce, thick slices of vine ripe tomato on your choice of a kaiser roll or croissant lightly toasted.

Split Plates: $2.00

Cub’s Menu
12 yrs and under only
Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese $4.75
Your choice of wheat or white bread with thick slices of cheddar cheese grilled to perfection. Served with french fries.
Chicken Dippers $5.75
Two lightly battered (skinless) chicken strips deep fried to a golden tan, barbecue sauce, ranch or honey mustard for dippin. Served with french fries.